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Frederick in the Streets 2005

Tally Enjoys the Sun with A New Raiser

Tally enjoyed showing a new raiser the ropes while at Frederick in the Streets. Tally is actually a released GEB pup raised in the region. Some pups decide that a career as a guide just isn't for them and are given the possibility of other careers as a police dog or a household pet. Tally chose to come home to Jimmy and Janet.


What a Pretty Girl!

Ashley is quickly becoming an old pro at these kinds of events. You'll notice that many of our pups are wearing scarfs. During their first several months of training with raisers, the pups wear a scarf to indicate their status as a service animal in training. Later, when they've proven their abilities, they receive a blue jacket.




Yarmouth Earns his Jacket!

Yarmouth and his raiser pose for a special picture. Yarmouth has finally earned his jacket. This jacket allows Yarmouth to visit indoor places like grocery stores, malls, and restaurants.










Better and Better

Repeated exposures to a variety of settings helps build confidence in the pups--a skill that is essential in a good guide dog. After six months, Dahlia's looking nice and calm at this busy event.

Greeting the Star Troopers

One aspect of our puppies' training is learning to work around "strange" people or things. As a guide, the pups cannot be afraid of an unusual sight such as a person in costume or they might refuse to walk or lunge away from the item. During training, we try to provide exposures to odd things like these troopers to help the dogs understand that it isn't anything to be afraid of.



Future Marines?

We love to find interesting photo opportunities like these, but the dogs are often less interested. Taking a picture like this helps the dogs work on their dog distraction. Guide dogs cannot be distracted and try to greet another dog while working, so part of their training is to practice obedience while close to other pups.


Tired Out

After many hours and lots of greeting people, the pups are pooped!




Oh My! Time to Go Home

Palmer shows off his acting abilities at the end of the day as Cheryl says, "Oh my, Palmer!"
































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