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Cecilia and Guide Gardenia

Cecilia and guide dog Gardenia graduated as a team in 2006. Gardenia was provided free of charge by Guiding Eyes for the Blind (GEB). Cecilia is the mother of three and lives in Annapolis Maryland. Before becoming blind Cecilia and her daughter were puppy raisers for the Bay Region of GEB. Gardenia is her first guide dog. Ceclia continues her volunteer work for GEB by helping out with the bay region and speaking to groups like ours.

Gardenia is a female black labrador retriever raised by Erica. Erica has raised 5 dogs for GEB. She and her family have been involved with our region since 1995. Erica received the Gold Presidental Volunteer Award for all she has done for GEB. She is now a college student. Erica continues to volunteer her time to the Catoctin Region.

Cecilia visited the group in December. She and Gardenia told us about how the team works together, how she applied for a dog, what training was like at Guiding Eyes, commands they use and the importance of dedicated puppy raisers. It was a great event. Thank you to Cecila, Gardenia, Debbie and Erica !!

Cecilia, Gardenia and Erica at Guiding Eyes for the Blind Graduation


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