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A Visit to the Big Easy

August 17-21, 2005

Last month, one of our raisers had the chance to take one of the region's pups on a trip to New Orleans. Jennifer Harp and Gardenia flew down to Louisiana to attend the Society of American Archivists Annual Conference. They spent four days at workshops, happy hours, and of course sightseeing!!!! Below are some of the pictures from the trip.

"Is our plane here yet?"

Northwest Airlines provided the air travel for the trip. Fortunately, there was only one delay on the return flight.





A New Flight Attendant

The flight attendants fell in love with Gardenia. They let us come sit in the plane galley to stretch our legs. When we asked to get a picture, they couldn't resist putting her in the jump seat with a flight attendant's jacket.






Another Session?!!?

Gardenia sat through all sorts of sessions--archives in war, diversity in archives, federal funding for archives projects, etc. During the breaks, she was more than happy to lounge in our hotel room at the Hilton Riverside.







A Night on the Town

Our first night in the Big Easy, we ate out at the Gumbo Shop, a cute little restaurant in the French Quarter. After, we walked around and even had our paws read! Otis, our psychic, predicts great things for our future.







A Ride on the Streetcar

What would New Orleans be without the streetcar? Lucky for us, there was a stop right outside the hotel. We rode down to the Garden District to see the mansions of the Big Easy.





The Big Gala

Gardenia was the belle of the ball at the all attendee reception held at the aquarium. We even met someone who trains puppies for one of the prison programs -- he takes the pups on the weekends.








It's Moving, so It Must be a Toy!

We saw all kinds of fish at the aquarium, but the catfish tank was one of the few we could get really close to. Gardenia loved watching them swim, but wished she could get in too!


Beignets at Cafe du Monde

When in New Orleans you have to have beignets at the Cafe du Monde. We had powdered sugar everywhere.



Gardenia Earns her Beads

We didn't actually "earn" them, just bought a set to remember the trip.

Everyone who met Gardenia commented on how beautiful and well behaved she was. All in all, the trip was a great success!


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