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Jim and Julia Go to Ohio

In August, two of our puppies travelled to Ohio to visit one of their siblings whose being raised in another region based in Cleveland, Ohio. Terry Scripture, Heather Kennedy, Jim and Julia flew out to see Jacobi and had a great time enjoying the sights and sounds of Cleveland. Below are some pictures of the trip.







Flight from BWI to Cleveland

Jim and Julia flew Continental Airlines to Cleveland. Looks like they're all ready for takeoff.


Cleveland, with Ohio Region Raisers

During the trip, the four were able to stay with Jeanne, the Ohio area coordinator.


Anchors Away!!!

Julia, Jim, and Jacobi (left-right) set sail for lunch cruise on the GoodTime III.


The Mather

After the lunch cruise, the crew toured the Mather and visited the Cleveland Science Center.


Time to Stop and Smell the Flowers

On their second day in Cleveland, the crew met up with some other Ohio raisers for a picnic and stopped to admire the flowers at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.


And Now, Three Dog Night!

Riding Lolly the Trolley was a good time, but the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is home to the true party animals!


All Smiles!!!

Pups and raisers alike had a great visit. As part of their preparation for IFT, Jim and Jacobi traded places for 13 days--the pups had a blast, but their raisers were happy to have them back at the end.



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